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Chapter 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Michelle Hilscher

CHAPTER 9GHB Inhalants and AnestheticsEthylene intoxicating agent that causes delirium disinhibition euphoria and feelings of disembodimentGammaHydroxybutyrateGammahydroxybutyrate GHBSubstance that serves as both a drug and a neurotransmitter that produces CNS depressant effectsWhite tasteless powder that dissolves easily in waterHas both recreational and instrumental usesClub drugGHBassociated sexual assault referred to as date rapeschedule I controlled substanceSodium GHB is treatment approved by FDA for narcolepsy excessive daytime sleepiness schedule III sodium oxybate XyremRecreational users obtain GHB from illicit sources or by synthesizing GHB from gammabutyrolactone GBLschedule I controlled substanceoGBL used in household products such as stains and paint removersoDEA exempts products containing 70 of GBLGHB and GBL occurs in small amounts in red and white wines vinegar beer and coffeeGBL serves as prodrug metabolically converted to GHB in bodyUsers either underreport GHB abuse or GHB is being used for nonrecreational uses sexual assaultsUses for GHBFirst synthesized GHB in 1960 to develop compounds with similar chemical structure to GABAUsed GHB as anesthetic agent1970s discovered body naturally synthesizes GHB in CNS1980s GHB available as supplement for enhancing muscle growth among weight lifters
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