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Ch16 - Cultural Psychology

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

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16 Cultural PsychologyTuesday April 08 2014551 PM What Is CultureCulture consists of information transmitted through learningRefers to beliefs values rules and customs of a group who share a language and environment these beliefs values rules and customs are transmitted from one generation to anotherBroadly definedculture is any kind of information acquired by individuals through imitative or social learningIf your brain is like a personal computer then culture is the internetSome aspects of culture are shared by other species and some are unique to humansMonkeys demonstrate imitative learningNonprimate species such as dolphins have demonstrated cultural learning dolphins use distinctive sounds for each other in much the same way humans use namesPigeons and octopuses have shown limited evidence of learning from others within the species guppies will learn about routes or food sites from other guppiesHumans re not unique in learning cultural informationBut humans stand out in how much cultural learning they do and in doing it better than other speciesHuman cultural learning is so extensive that it pervades all aspects of our lives languages we speak the ways we seek mates the work we perform the tools we u
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