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Chapter 15

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University of Toronto St. George
Zachariah Campbell

Anatomy of the Temporal LobesTypical symptoms of temporal lobe disorder radical changes in affect and personality memory disturbance and at least a transient disturbance of languageThe temporal lobe all tissue below the lateral Sylvian fissure and anterior to the occipital cortex Subcortical temporallobe structures include limbic cortex the amygdala hippocampal formation Connections to and from the temporal lobe extend throughout the brainA Subdivisions of the temporal cortexThe visual regions are often referred to as inferotemporal cortex or TEarea 20 21 37 38lateral temporal lobesAuditory areas41 44 22Sylvian fissure contains tissue forming the insulaincludes gustatory cortex auditory association cortexThe superior temporal sulcus STS separates the superior and middle temporal gyricontains a significant amount of neocortex multimodalpolymodal cortexreceives input from auditory visual somatic regions parietal frontal cortexand other 2 polymodal regions and paralimbic cortexMedial temporal region limbic cortex includesamygdala adjacent cortex uncus hippocampus surrounding cortex subiculum entorhinal cortex area 28 perirhinal cortex area 35 35fusiform gyrus TH and TF at posterior end of temporal lobe referred to as the parahippocampal cortexfusiform gyrus and inferior temporal gyrus are functionally part of lateral temporal cortexB Connections of the temporal cortex
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