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ConsciousnessOctober 22 2007 ConsciousnessoConstantly moving stream of thoughts feelings and emotionsWilliam James 1890 oWe have some control over what were thinking ofLargely not in our control Stimulus driven from environment Ex sound of gun shot alerts senseoConsciousness can be viewed as our subjective awareness of mental eventsoFunctions of consciousnessMonitoring mental eventsThinking about specific thoughts and blocking othersControl Consciousness allows us to formulate and reach goalsDecide what actions are you going to take according to what mood youre in or what state is your mind in Sometimes we imagine things and end up taking steps to make that real oConsciousness may have evolved to direct or control behaviour in adaptive ways Cortex and consciousnessoHemispheric specializationLeft hemisphere is so used to having to read When right hemisphere used to describe colourRight hemisphere says colour blue while the word is spelled as redTheyre both arguing and that decides what you have to sayLeft hemisphere is dominant so identifying colour is hardoEx people with depression focus more on sad words like suicide painPay more attention to negative aspects othis test allows us to see what state were in and what were focusing on this is called cognitive biases different biases different things to what people pay attention to oDorsolateral prefrontal cortexActivated during the conscious control tasks Subjects are asked to name the ink in the colour in the Stroop task Have difficulty saying the colour when the word is a different colourAttentionoour consciousness awareness is limited in capacity and we are aware of only a small amount of stimuli around us at any one time
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