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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 7 Attention and Memory How does attention determine what is remembered y Memory the nervous systems capacity to acquire and retain usable skills and knowledge y Attention is limited Visual attention is selective and serialWe automatically identify primitive features like colour shape orientation and movement within an environmentParallel Processing systems process information at the same time and we can attend selectively to one feature by effectively blocking the further processing of the others o Visual search tasks and search for targets that differ from others in only one feature Other objects in display called distractors o Searching for two features is serial you need to look at stimuli one at a one and effortful Auditory Attention allows selective listeningCocktail party phenomenon hearing your name or gossip amidst other conversation o Selective attention determine which conversation you hearShadowing one msg to one ear and different msg to other o Subject notices the unattended sounds but wont know about its contentImportant info gets through the filter of attention but it needs to be personally relevant info Selective attention can operate at Multiple stages of processingFilter theory limited capacity for sensory info thus screen incoming info letting in only the most important o Attention is like a gate that opens for important info o Some stimuli demand attention and virtually shut off the ability to attend to anything elseStimuli that evoke emotion capture attention because important info about potential threatsObject produce stronger attentional response when viewed as socially relevantAttention helps people focus on important objects in their enviroUnattended info is processed to some extent o Participants extracted meaning from the word event though they did not process the word consciouslyChange Blindness we are often blind to large changes in our inviro because we cannot attend to everything o Participants gave directions to stranger who was momentarily blocked by large objected and was replaced with another person
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