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Chapter 8

chapter 8

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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 8 Thinking and Intelligence How does mind represent infoCognition mental activity such as thinking or representing infoAnalogical representation mental representation that has some of the physical characteristics of an object its analogous to the objectSymbolic representation an abstract mental representation that does not correspond to the physical features of an object or idea Mental images are analogous repRep of that picture in your minds eye parallels the rep in your brain the first time you saw the pictureThe R studies and analogical mental images o Participants developed mental images of the objects and rotated these images to view the objects in their upright positions The farther an object was from upright the longer this process took Limits of analogical repWe can represent only a limited range of knowledge analogicallyIf sth cannot be perceived wholly by our perceptual system we cannot form a complete analogical repMental maps therefore involve a mixture of analogical and symbolic rep Concepts are symbolic repSymbolic rep consist of words which can rep abstract ideas in a succinct verbal formGrouping things based on shared properties categorization reduces the amount of knowledge we must hold in memoryConcept category that includes subtypes andor individual items o Consist of mental rep of relation between rep o We store abstract rep based on the properties that particular items or ideas shareDefining attribute model concept is characterized by a list of features that are necessary to determine if an object is a member of the category o Each concept is characterized by a list of features that are necessary to determine if an object is a member of the category o But failsSuggests we do allornon basis but in reality we often make exceptions in our categorization allowing members into groups even if they do not have all the attributes or excluding them even if they have all the attributes
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