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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: What are organizations (Textbook: OB 8th Ed)

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Fortune

PSY332Chapter 1 Readings January 9 2012 HOK in Canada Incinternational architectural planning and design firm that is a leader in pioneering sustainable building design practices2009 one of Canadas top 100 employersone of Canadas greenest employersAspects of organizational behavior organizational culture communication motivation and learningWhat are organizationssocial inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effort y Organizationstheir essential characteristic is the coordinated presence of people 1 Social inventionsa The field of organizational behavior is about understanding people and managing them to work efficiently 2 Goal accomplishmentsurvival as goal a The field of organizational behavior is concerned with how organizations can survive and adapt to change b Behaviours necessary for survivali Motivated to joinremain in organization ii Carry out basic work reliably productivity quality and service iii Willing to continuously learnupgrade their knowledge and skills iv Be flexible and innovative organizations depend on interaction and coordination among people to 3 Group effortaccomplish goals a the field of organizational behavior is concerned with how to get people to practice effective teamworkWhat is organizational behavior y Organizational behavior the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizationsDiscipline studies these attitudes and behaviours and provides insight about effectively managing and changing them How to structure them more effectively and how external environment affects themWhy study organizational behaviorstudy on peoplehuman nature 1 Interesting understanding it allows for us and organizations managers employers consumers 2 Importantto be more effectivea Field of organizational behavior is concerned with explaining these differencesusing explanations to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency 3 makes a difference sustained competitive advantage and organizational effectiveness are increasingly related to the management of human capital and organizational behaviorGoals of Organizational Behaviour1 Predict OB 2 Explain OB3 Managing OB a Management art of getting things accomplished in organization through othersb If behavior can be predicted and explained it can be controlledmanaged Approach problem with systematic understanding of behavioural science1
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