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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Psychological Science

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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 1IntroductionSeven Themes of Psychological Science 1 Psychology is an Empirical Science2 Nature and Nurture are Inextricably Entwined3 The Brain and Mind are Inseparable4 A new Biological Revolution is Energizing Research5 The Mind is Adaptive6 Psychological Science Crosses Levels of Analysis7 We Often Are Unaware of the Multiple Influences on How We Think Feel and ActHow Did the Scientific Foundations of Psychology Develop 1 Experimental psychology begins with structuralism2 Functionalism addresses the purpose of behaviour3 Gestalt psychology emphasizes patterns and context in learning4 Women made pioneering contributions to psychology5 Freud emphasized the power of the unconscious6 Most behaviour can be modified by reward and punishment7 Cognition affects behaviour8 Social situations shape behaviour9 Psychological therapy is based on science How can we apply psychological science1 Psychological knowledge is used in many professions2 People are intuitive psychological scientists3 Psychological science requires critical thinking4 Psychologists adhere to a code of ethics5 Psychology is relevant to every persons lifeTechniquesbrain imagingshows which parts of the brain are involved in particular behaviours or particular mental activitiesFunctional magnetic Resonance Imaging fMRIa form of brain imagingAmygdalapart of the brain involved in detecting threatsImplicit Association Test IATmeasures reaction times to assess whether people associate positive and negative words with certain groups of peoplePsychological sciencethe study of the mind brain and behaviourMind refers to mental activity
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