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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Motivation and EmotionMotivational Theories and Concepts Motivationinvolves goaldirected behaviourgoals and our motivation to achieve them are often important characteristics of successful adjustmentDrive TheoriesHulls concept of drive derived from Cannons observation organisms seek to maintain homeostasisstate of physiological equilibriumstabilityex your temp goes up you perspire body reacts to many disturbances in physio stability by trying to restore equilibrium Driveinternal state of tension that motivates an organism to engage in activities that should reduce this tensionpeople are motivated to pursue actions that will lead to drive reduction ex if you go without food for a while you begin to experience discomfort internal tensionIncentive TheoriesIncentiveexternal goal that has the capacity to motivate behaviouran A a promotion etcDrive theories emphasize how internal states of tension push people in certain directions source of motivation lies within the organism incentive theories emphasize how external stimuli pull people source of motivation lies outside the organismenvironment Evolutionary TheoriesHumans motives and those of other species are the products of evolutionnatural selection favours behaviours that maximize reproductive success passing on genes to next generation explain motives such as affiliation achievement dominance aggression and sex drive Motives can be best understood in terms of the adaptive problems they have solved for our huntergatherer ancestorsex need for dominance is thought to be greater in men than women because it could facilitate males reproductive success The Range and Diversity of Human MotivesBiological motives that originate in bodily needs such as hungerex hunger motive thirst motive sex motive temperature motive excretory motive sleep and rest motive etcSocial motives that originate in social experiences such as the need for achievementex achievement motive affiliation motive autonomy motive nurturance motive etc
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