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Chapter 1

Psychological Science Chapter 1

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Dan Dolderman

Psychology Ch 1introduction y Among the psychological phenomena involved in a caseemotion memory decisionmaking social interaction cultural differences prejudice group behaviour and mental trauma y Prejudice not only influences the beliefs and behaviours of the prejudices person but also has strong negative psychological effects on the targets of prejudice whose behaviours are shaped in part by others beliefs about them y Brain imaging shows which parts of the brain are involved in particular behaviours or mental activities y The activation of a certain part of the brain indicates a negative emotional response y Familiarity reduces the fear response and this reduction in turn might reduce the likelihood of prejudice and discrimination y Imaging is shows by the activation of the amygdala a brain region associated with threat detection y The anterior cingulate is associated with emotional response y Psychological science is the study of mind brain and behaviour y Mind refers to mental activity y Persons memories thoughts and feelingsmental activity results from biological processes through nervesneurons and their associated chemical reactions y Behaviour is used to describe actions subtle complex that occur in all organisms y The scientific method is the use of objective systematic procedures that lead to an accurate understanding of what is being studied y Good sciencewellconducted
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