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Dan Dolderman

What Are the Seven Themes ofPsychological Science 10112011 112800 PMPsychology The study of mind brain and behaviour y Mind The perceptual senses experiences people have while interacting with the world as well as memories thoughts and feelings o These occur from biological processes nerve cells neurons chemical reactions within the brain The mind is what the brain does y Behaviour Describes a wide variety of actions that occur in all organismsWhat Are the Seven Themes of Psychological Science 1 Psychology is an Empirical Science y Psychologists use the scientific method to understand how people think feel and act This method is the use of objective systematic procedures and observations that lead to an understanding of what is being studied2 Nature and Nurture Are Inextricably Entwined y NatureNurture Debate Are psychological characteristics biologically innate or acquired through education experience and culture o Both nature and nurture are important to humans psychological development y Psychologists study the ways that nature and nurture influence each other in shaping the brain mind and behaviouro Ex Many psychologists believe mental disorders such as bipolar disorder result from both the brains wiring as from how people are treated within cultureso Peoples experiences change their brain structure which in turn influence their experiences3 The Brain and Mind Are Inseparable o Dualism Rene Descartes promoted the idea that the mind and body are separate yet intertwined The body was nothing more than an organic machine governed by reflex For Descartes mental functions such as memory and imagination resulted from bodily functions 4 New Biological Revolution Is Energizing Research Three developments have set the stage for the biological revolution and are contributing to the understanding of the human mind and behaviour
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