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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Brief Study Note

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Inzlicht

PSY100H1 WINTER TERM TEST 1 CHAPTER 1: Psyche soul Logos to study Wilhelm Wundt (1870s) combines the disciplines of philosophy and physiology Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour, a science firmly based in empirical research and has a broad application o We are solving problems every day, simple to complex problems to bring out the successful outcome o For example: if someone gets hurt and needs helps; if there are more people are around, there is less likely that the person will get helped, the less people are around, it is more likely? Why? Because they think other people will help that person; Im busy, is she hurt or is she drunk? etc. o We cant become aware, the better we are aware of consciousness, the better we can control our behaviour Major Perspectives o Biological what is popular at this time right now? Genes splicing o Psychoanalytic practice in the treatment Serial killer, i.e. you love your mom so much that you are sexually attracted to her killed your mom someone who looks like your mom sex with the corpse o Behavioural Psychology on observable behaviour? Casino machines keep you playing, addicted to it? o Humanistic www.notesolution.com
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