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Chapter 4

Psy100h1 Textbook notes chapter4 part1

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University of Toronto St. George

Chapter 4Neuronal workspace modelconscious arises as a function of which brain regions are activerelationship between consciousness and neural responses in brainoimages with houses superimposed on facesfusiform face area activated when saw facetemporal cortex regions associated with object recognition became active when saw houseif one of these systems is damaged then no output to consider and nothing is noted as wrong eg hemineglect patients does not include awareness of deficit importance of model NO SINGLE AREA for general awareness consciousness viewed as mechanism that is actively aware of information and serves the role of prioritizing what info we need or want to deal with at the moment People with hemineglect are not aware that part of their visual work is missingSleepconscious experience of outside world turned off in sleepInvention of electroencephalogram EEG a machine that measures the electrical activity of the nervous system revealed brain working when asleep When awake short high frequency desynchronized BETA wavesWhen close eyes brain activity slows down more synchronized ALPHA wavesSTAGE 1Theta waves easily aroused geometric shapes sensation of fallinglimbs are jerking STAGE 2 breathing regular less sensitive now REALLY asleep Still theta waves with occasional burst of activity known as sleep spindles and large waves called KcomplexesoShutting out external world and keeping you asleepoAbrupt noise trigger K co
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