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Chapter 1

psy100, Chapter1

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Chapter 1ThemesEmpirical The principles of psychological science are built on the foundation of shared knowledge CON over simplification disregarding conditions that involves complexity that are of disinterest of studentsBiological Revolution1Brain Chemistry Neurotransmitters communicate messages between neurons 2Human Genome understanding the influence of genetic processes on thoughts actions feelings and various disorders Research on isolating which genes are responsible for what specific behaviour 3Working Brain by using the methods of neuroscience such as imaging technologies it is found that there is some localization of function but that many different brain regions participate to produce behaviour and mental activityAdaptive MindUsing Darwins theory of natural selection to explain and emphasizes the inherited adaptive value of behaviour and mental activity We have adaptations or built in behaviours that are inherited from our ancestors that assist our survival and reproduction Adaptive solution to earlier problems of our ancestors could be maladaptive to us now Relatively new behaviours that do not reflect our evolutionary heritage can be considered byproducts of those adaptive solutions Level of AnalysisBiological brain systems neuro chemical geneticIndividual perception c
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