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Chapter 4

PSY100 chapter 4 notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Chapter 4Brain and Consciousness y Phrenologyan early method of assessing personalitymental abilities by measuring bumps on skull y Flourensbelieved brain functions as a single unit y Lashleybelieved specific brain regions were involved in different things but all parts contribute equally equipotentiality y We now know the brain is a patchwork of highly specialized areas y Spinal cord o Gray mattercell bodies of neurons o White matteraxons and fatty sheath y Brainstema section of the bottom of the brain which houses basic programs of survival y Reticular formationnetwork of neural tissue within brainstem y Cerebellumprotuberance at back of brainstem essential for coordinated movementbalanceo Motor learning y Forebraincerebral cortex and subcortial regions y Subcortical regions all of below part of limbic system o Hypothalamussmall brain structure that is vital for regulating body temp emotion sexual behaviour motivation ect Also controls the pituitary gland o Thalamusgateway to the cortex Almost all incoming sensory info must pass through thalamus before reaching cortex exception is hearing o Hippocampusbrain structure importa
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