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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Textbook Summary

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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 10 Health and WellBeing Can Psychosocial Factors Affect HealthHealth Psychology the field of psychological science concerned with the events that affect physical wellbeing WellBeing a positive state that includes striving for optimal health and life satisfaction1 The Biopsychosocial Model of Health Incorporates Multiple Perspectives for Understanding and Improving Health o Biopsychosocial Model a model of health that integrates the effects of biological behavioural and social factors on health and illnesso Our thoughts and actions affect the environments we choose to interact with and those environments in turn affect the biological underpinnings of our thoughts and actions2 Behaviour Contributes to the Leading Causes of Death o People are most likely to die from causes that stem from their own behaviours which they can learn to modifyo Ex The second leading cause of death was heart diseaseo Some personality traits contribute to death by heart diseaseo Everyone can change our behaviours in ways that reduce the likelihood of heart disease or postpone it until late in life o Accidents are the leading cause of death o Many accidents are avoidable even though we believe they are beyond our control o All accidents at the very least be reduced in probability and reduce the resulting injury o Age 1524 almost half of the deaths are a cause of accidents suicide is the second leading cause of death followed by cancer then homicideo The transition between childhood and young adulthood though it is when people are most strongest and in their best health people make bad decisions that can have disastrous outcomeso Ex Poor eating habitscontribute to heart disease when we are oldero Regression to the Mean a more extreme event will tend to be followed by an event closer to the average or meano Our thoughts areacritical determinant of how we take care of our health 3 Placebos Can be Powerful Medicine o Placebos have no apparent physiological effect on the health condition for twhich they are prescribed o Placebo Effect a drug or treatment unrelated to the particular problem of the person who receives it may make the recipient feel better because the person believes the drug or treatment is effective
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