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Chapter 7

Psy100h1 Textbook notes chapter7 part1

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Chapter7MemoryMemory capacity of the NS to acquire and retain usable skills and knowledge allowing living organisms to benefit from experienceHM unable to form longterm memories able to remember everything before the surgery can learn motor tasks but be unaware of it Modal memory model Sensory memoryounattended info is lostoshorted briefly in its original sensory formotemporary sensory bufferoGeorge Sperling experiment3 flashing rows of letters for brief moments brief periods of delay follow and asking to recall Only able to recall within 13 second after which sensorymemory trace faded and was no longer accessibleIconic memory visual sensory memory persists for onethird of a secondEchoic memory auditory sensory memoryThrough these two types of memories we see the world as a continuous streamShortterm memoryounrehearsed info is lostolimitedcapacity memory system that holds info in awareness for a brief periodoimmediate memory temporary buffer consists of our fleeting thoughts feelings and impressions of the worldocan hold info for longer than about 20 seconds it then disappears unless you actively prevent that from happening by thinking about the info or rehearsing itoComputer analogy is RAM constantly replaced by new info lost if not savedoBy 18 seconds of counting backwards people have poor recall for consonants Because of interference from previous items in STMLongterm memoryosome info may be lost over timeorelatively permanent storage of infoonearly limitlessois distinct from STM memory in 2 ways duration and capacityMemory span and chunkingSTM limited to about 7 items plus or minus 2 George Miller called memory span oRecent work says four units oVaries among individuals some IQ tests use this as test of intelligenceString of letters easier to remember when separated into meaningful wordsoWhy1 Memory span is limited to 7 items but items can be letters numbers words or even concepts2 Chuckingbreaking info into meaningful bits easier to remember Chess players able to memorize scenariosEfficiency of chucking depends on longterm memory systemWorking Memory An active processing system that keeps different types of info available for current use such as problem solving reasoning and comprehension STM is NOT a single storage system It is an active processing unit deals with multiple types of information such as sounds images and ideas
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