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Chapter 9

Psy100h1 Textbook notes chapter9 part2

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University of Toronto St. George

can also be depleted by situational demandsThere is a limited selfregulatory strength Dont try to achieve too many things at same time why New Years resolutions failIf dopamine system revs up engine frontal lobes act as brakes Motivation is linked to prefrontal cortexpeople with damage lack selfcontrol difficulty making plans focusingo Unable to ignore other stimuli in environment o Frontal lobes role in working memory o Frontal lobes critical for living with other peopleo People have the capacity to override biology to some extent What determines how we eatWe eat not because we have deficient energy stores but because it is time to eatAn increase in insulin produces glucose utilization and increases shortterm hunger signals o Flavor is importanto Eat much more when a variety of foods is available then when only one or two types o This is because quickly become tired of one flavor o Sensoryspecific satiety become full relatively quickly with one type of food to eat but will eat more when presented with a different foodWHAT we eat is determined by culture and personal experience Neophobia fear of new things eg avoidance of unfamiliar foods Neural processes control eating Hypothalamus Most important in eatingPeople with tumors in hypothalamus become obese o Cutting out the middle ventromedial region VHM of the hypothalamus causes rats to eat huge amounts of food called hyperphagia o Cutting outing the outer or later area of hypothalamus LH diminishes eating and eventual death unless force fed called aphagia Taste cues process in prefrontal cortex reward valueDamage to limbic sys
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