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Psychology Chapter 1 Psychology is an empirical scienceNature Vs Nurture Debate Questions whether psychological characteristics are biologically innate nature got from parentsborn with or acquired through education experiences and culture nurture Both important o Schizophrenia and bipolar before believed to be due to bad parenting nurture but later research showed they are heritable natureo Posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD seems to arise from specific incidents but some people inherit a genetic predisposition to developing it nurture activities nature o Social environment play important role Negative comments reduce treatment effectiveness MindBody Problem dualismQuestions whether the mind and body are distinct or is the mind simply the physical brains subjective experience Da Vinci discovered the region of the brain called the Sensus Communis where all sensory messages arrived atRene Descartes stated the first influential theory of Dualism where the body and mind are separate but intertwined Argued the body was an organic machine governed by reflex and that many mental functions such as memory and imagination resulted from bodily function The mind controlled volitional action separated from body IncorrectConclusion mind and body inseparable New Biological RevolutionBrain Chemistry first o Neurotransmitters chemicals that communicate messages bw nerve cellso People have better memories for events that happen when that are aroused than when they are clam because chemicals involved in responding to the world affects the neural mechanisms involved in memory Human Genome secondo Manipulating genes in mice to study affects on their memoryo No one gene is solely responsible for an psychologicalbiological activityo Situational context such as the presence or absence of particular people influence how genes are expressed and therefore how they affect behavior Methods of Assessing Brain Actions third o Using methods of neuroscience can address central questions of human experienceo Knowing where in the brain something happens does not reveal much but finding consistent patterns of brain activation are associated with specific mental tasks suggest the two are connected
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