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Treatment of Psychological Disorders How are psychological Disorders Treated There are two types psychological and biologicalPsychological involves psychotherapy that involves interactionBiological therapies reflect medical approaches Psychotherapy is Based on Psychological Principles Psychodynamic therapy focuses on insight Sigmund Freud was one of the earliest developers of treatments for mental disordersTwo techniques free association meaning the client says whatever comes to mind and dream analysisInsights a goal of some types of therapy a patients understanding of his or her own psychological processes helps to get rid of unconscious influences and symptoms Freuds ideas on therapy can be categorized as the psychodynamic therapy Humanistic therapies focus on the whole personOne of the best humanistic therapies is called client centered therapy which was developed by Carl RogerClientcentered therapy encourages personal growth through greater selfunderstanding Often use reflective listening by repeating clients concerns to help client clarify their feelingsOne current treatment being used is motivational interviewing for drinks Cognitive behavioural therapy targets thoughts and behavioursCognitive therapy is the treatment based on the idea that distorted thoughts produce maladaptive behaviours and emotionsAaron T Beck advocates cognitive restructuring which is a theory that helps clients recognize maladaptive thought patterns and replacing them with ways of viewing the world that are more in tune with realityAlbert Ellis suggested rational emotive therapy in which therapists teach more adaptive ways of thinking and behaviour to their clientsInterpersonal therapyhelps clients express their emotions and explore interpersonal experiencesMost widely used version of psychotherapy is cognitive behavioural therapy which tries to correct faulty thinking and change maladaptive behavioursMany cognitivebehavioural therapy for phobias include exposure to the anxietyproducing stimulus Group therapy builds social supportArose after world war two where they had more people needing therapy than therapists avilibleEffective for disorders such as bulimia and obsessive compulsive disorderGroup therapy allows to improve social skills and learning from one anothers experiences Family therapy focuses on the family contextAccording ot the systems approach an individual is part of a larger context and any change in its behaviour will change the whole systemThe systems approach effect is often clearest at family levelEvidence suggests that helping families help to produce appropriate social supportStudies documented the importance of attitudes expressed by family members towards people with schizophreniaNegative expressed emotions included critical comments being hostile towards client and being emotionally over involvedSchizophrenia relapse is related to the familys levels of negatively expressed emotions Confession is good for the spiritSimply talking to someone makes it feel betterCatharsis describes the way certain messages evoke powerful emotional reactions and subsequent reliefCulture Can Affect the Therapeutic Process Schizophrenia people may relapse more when emotionally involved in Japanese families than Indian families
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