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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Social PsychologyFundamental attribution error the tendency to overemphasize personal factors and underestimate situational factors in explaining behaviour Social psychology concerned with how people influence other peoples thoughts feelings and actionsWe tend to vastly underestimate the power of situations in shaping both our own and other peoples behaviour Great deal of mental activity occurs automatically and without conscious awareness or intentHow do we know ourselvesSelfconcept the full store of knowledge that people have about themselves likely to mention characteristics that are distinctive The self includes mental representation of personal experience thought processes physical body and conscious experience Is a UNITARY experience Selfawareness a state in which the sense of self is the object of attention occurs when I thinks about meHighly dependent on development of frontal lobes oPeople with damage to frontal lobes are minimally selfreflective They dont find info about self significant Have distortions in how they process info about the selfObjective selfawareness that self awareness leads people to act in accordance with their personal values and beliefsSelfdiscrepancy theory this awareness if differences between personal standards andgoals leads to strong emotions such as disappointment etcSelfschema the cognitive aspect of the selfconcept consisting of an integrated set of memories beliefs and generalizations about the selfSummarize past info so we can provide an answer automatically about selfCocktail party effect hearing your name in a noisy room clearly Happens because information about self is processed deeply and automaticallyEnhanced memory for info concerning selfActivation of middle of frontal lobes when processing info about self The greater the activation of this area the more likely you will remember item later during a surprise memory testWorking selfconcept immediate concept of selfLimited to the amount of personal information that can be processed cognitively at any given time Very limited amount This means that situations can evoke different parts of selfelicit different behaviorsWhen considering who they are people emphasize distinctions from others more likely to say youre Canadian in Boston than in Toronto selfconcepts determined largely by social roles and Interdependent selfconstualspersonal relationshipIndependent selfconstruals a view of the self as separate from others emphasizing selfreliance and the pursuit of personal success depends on culture Perceived Social Regard influences selfEsteem Selfesteem the evaluative aspect of the selfconceptDepends on how others perceive themreflected appraisal esp important persons in their livesSociometer an internal monitor of social acceptance or rejection Terror management theory selfesteem protects people from the horror associated withknowing that they will eventually dieReminding people of their mortality leads them to act in ways that enhance selfesteem
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