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Chapter 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Psychology test 2 KEY TERMS Chapter 7Parallel processing System that processes info at the same time and we can attend selectively to one feature by blocking the otherChange blindness We are often blind to large changes in our environment because we cannot attend to everything around us visually3 phases of memory Encoding Phase info is changed into a neural code that the brain usesStorage phase last a fraction of a second or a lifetimeRetrieval phase reaching into our memory by patterns of memory previously storedModal memory model 3 stage memory system involving sensory short term and long term memorySensory memory Lasts only a fraction of a second and closely tied to the sensory systemShort term Limited capacity memory that holds information in awareness for a brief periodChunking Organizing info into meaningful units in order to rememberLong term memory Relatively permanent storage informationSerial position effect Ability to recall items from a list depends on order of presentation items presented EARLY or LATE in the list are remembered BETTER than in the middleImplicit memory system underlying unconscious memoriesExplicit memory When people remember specific infoDeclarative Cognitive info retrieved from explicit memory knowledge that can be declaredEpisodic memory Memory for ones personal past experi
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