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Chapter 4

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Dan Dolderman

CH 4THE MIND AND CONSCIOUSNESS INTRO locked in syndrome occurs when part of the brain stem gets damaged Nearly all voluntary muscles were paralyzed He was awake and alert but couldnt communicate w those around him 1ppl can be conscious of their surrounding even though they dont appear to be 2 conscious experiences are associated w brain activityHOW IS THE CONSCIOUS MIND EXPERIENCEDConsciousness the subjective experience of the world and of mental activity Refers to momentbymoment subjective experiences such as reflecting on ones current thoughts or paying attention to ones immediate surroundings Refers to awareness to experiences o Psychological scientists study this in terms of its level content and the level of consciousness ex Coma sleep wakefulness tho Rene Descarte 17 centuryDUALISM mind is physically distinct from the brain reread pg 141 Most psychologists now reject this believing that theyre inseperable o activity of neurons in the brain produces the contents of consciousness Each type of content has an associated pattern of brain activity The activiation of this particular group of neurons in the brain somehow gives rise to the conscious experienceConsciousness is a Subjective Experience o Qualiaproperties of our subjective experiences such as our perceptions of things Subjective nature makes it difficult to study empirically o Labels applied to experience do not necessarily do justice to the experience o Random neural act Increased win the temporal lobes fusiform face area when participants reported seeing a face but enural activity increased win temporal lobe regions associated with objeecet recognition when participants reported seeing a house osuggests that diff types of sensory info are processed by diff brain regions the par Type of neural act Determines the particular type of awareness o monkey controlled the robot arm using only her brain and visual feedbackrealized that he didnt even need to move his arm electrodes were implanted in the frontal and parietal lobes of 2 monkeysBrainGatebrains firing pattern is translated into signals that control the movet of a robotic armgoal is to allow paralyzed individuals through brain activity to control prosthetic devices that will assist them in all aspects of daily livingVariations in Conscious Experience o Level of consciousness varies naturally through the day in ur sleepwake cycle It will also be acfected by ur actions such as meditating to relax and by consciousnessaltering substances you consume caffeine and alcohol o conscious experience is a continuous stream of thoughts that often floats from 1 though to another its a unifiedcoherent experience there is a limit to how many things u can be conscious of at the same time
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