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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 9Motivation and emotion Everyday life is affected by how we feelExperiment a man had a tumor part of frontal lobe removed and as a result lost his emotions and he doesnt even know it Couldnt make any decisions and when he did he made bad ones Intellect was left in tact but could no longer function in society Suffered impairments in motivation and emotion Motivation activatesdirectssustains behavior Def factors that energize direct and sustain behaviorwhat produces behavior motivation1Motivational states are energizing Arouse behaviors A desire for something2 Directivethey guide us to fulfilling these desires Thirst motivates drinking3 Persistat doing what we want4 Strength Multiple factors motivate behaviormaslowAbraham maslows heirchy of needshumanistic psychology focus on the person in motivation we continually try to improveHe herichy says what it takes to reach happinessThe following is the order form top to bottom Self actualization living to full potential achieving personal dreams Esteem good self opinion Belonging and loving acceptance and friendship Safety security in protection Physiological basic animal needs like food and water generally lacks empirical support better indicator of what might be true about behaviorsDrives and incentivesNeeds create arousal motivate behavior Def arousal physiological activation such as increased brain activity autonomic responses sweating or muscle tensionDef drives psychological states that encourage behavior to satisfy needs Its the response to arousal equilibrium in the human body is homeostasis Involves negative feedback Hypothalamus initiates homeostatic responsesa drive increases in response to deprivation in an animal Its proportionalif a behavior reduces a drive its a habit
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