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Chapter 14

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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 14 Psychological Disorders How are Psychological disorders conceptualized and classifiedCriteria for determining whther behavior represents psychopathology 1 does behavior devite from cultural norms 2 is behavior maladaptive 3 is behavior causing person stress Psychological disorders classified into catagories Patients are not given a single diagnoses but rather a multiaxial system diagnoses have 5 types 1 clinical2mental retartdation Personality disorder 3 medical conditions 4 psychosocial problems 5 global or overall assessment of how well a person is functioning Pyshcological disorders must be assessed Assement process of examination of a mental state to diagnose possible disordersgoals of assessment include diagnoses treatment and then ongoing assessmentperson comes into hospital and acts weird theyre given a mental status examperson can also be brought to a psychologist where the person will receive a clinical interviewstructured Vs unstructured interviewmost interviews are unstructured conversation varies Flexible structured interviews have certain questions in the same order asked to the patient From there their responces go into a formula for determining whether a condition is presentTypes of testingoberservation of behavior Good for kidsissue with MMPI is that people like on other self reports lie Validity scale helps here though Never the sole source of testingneuropsychological testing asked to do a certain task evidence based assement research guides evaluation of menta disorderscomorbidity a research proven fact that many mental disorders occur together Ex depressed people often have substance abuse aswell dissociative identity disorder is a controversial diagnosisinvolves occurrence of two or more distinct identities in the same personinvolves disruptions of memory identity and conscious awarenessmost common groups to get them are women who were abused as kidsDevelop for the purpose of coping with the abuse DissociateAmnesia occursOnly One identity is aware that another one exists
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