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Chapter 16

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Dan Dolderman

Chapter 16 cultural psychology Culture DEF 1 beleifs values rules customspassed on from one gen to next gen and these things are held by a group of people who share a common language or environmentDEF 2 any kind of information acquired by individual through imitative and social learningCulture and speciesNon primate species have shown cultural elarningHumans not unique for learning cultural information but we are special in how much cultural learning we do Very extensive One true cultural species Humans evolution to accumulate cultural informationCulture for ancestors had reproductive and survival valueCulture made our brain what it is The larger the group sizelarger the brain is We lived in large groups but large groups need strong social abilityGroup living allows for social learningHuman brain cognitively same level but our ability to learn from others is massiveLanguage was adaptation for cultural learning Language helps us communicate needsthreats opportunities and alos to describe cultural ideasTheory of mind refers to the ability to identify the intentions of antoher personDeveloped early in life This helps cultural learningAccumulation of cultural information is also uniqueaccumulation allows us as to evolve and reenact the behaviorsEverything around is is evolving to get better or faster by standing on the shoulders of giantsThat being said chimps have used same stick for all this time and will continue on doing so because they dont accumulate and have a theory of mind Each gen starts at square oneCultural psychology Def how culture chapes psychological processesWilhelm Wundt elements of folk psychology higher order psychological processes needed to be studied considering the cultural environments in which they occurCultural environments are social environments on a larger scale dealing with all aspects of lie More inclusive than social environments referring to social psychologyOur single encompassing set of laws are unnoticed by people We think thats the way life just is2 themes in cultural psychology 1 How people are related need to belong
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