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Chapter 11

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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Dolderman

Chapter 11environment has a large effect a Ugandan kids walk by 10 months b French children walk at 15 monthsnorth American kids sleep on backs to avoid SIDS and cant craw as a result whereas Ugandan kids left on floor and crawl a lot nature and nurture Development ZygoteEmbryofetus zygote first new cell of life sperm and egg comboebryo then formed from two weeks to two months after doing it Internal organs formfetus physical growthPhysicalbrain cells formed in first 7 months of gestationbasic brain areas form after week 4cells that form cortex form by week 7hypothalamus and thalamus by week 10Left and right H form by week 12Brain is already cpmplex at birthHormones important in development of fetus low thyroid low IQ Also stress of motherhood gives more hormones resulting in possible decreased birthweight Teratogens DEF environmental agents that harm Fetus or embryo exposure at 4 weeks it affectsbrainphysical effects seen later in lifeFetal Alcohol Syndrome FAS too much alcohol Low birth weight headface abnormality slight mental retartdation behavioral and cognitive issuesCan happen even if the dont drink heavily binging can even do it Things infants do order of behavior for newborn a make eye contact right after birth b social smile at 6 weeks old c sit d crawl e stand f walk g talkconsistency suggests genetics at playnewborns come into world able to heartaste smell see feel touch Not fully developed functions though2 hour old infnats prefer sweet tastes
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