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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Notes

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Michael Inzlicht

N Four themes in psychological science N Research in psychology resulted in accumulated knowledge N Biological revolution J changes in what we know about brain chemicals, genes, and techniques to measure brain functions have had a prodounf influence on psychological science. N Evolution J according to evolutionary theory, some members of a species have adaptive traits, while other members do not. The adaptive traits are those that allow an individual to survive to reproduce. These adaptive traits are then passed off to offspring. Humans have been evolving so many human behaviors must have adaptive significance. Cultural ecolution J a culture defines the beliefs, values, and rules of a group of people. Therefore, culture has a big impact on a Z}L[Z}o]L]o life. N Several categories used to study psych. Science: social, psychological and biological. N The mind body problem: a common belief through history was that the mind and body are distinct: this is known as dualism. If the mind and body are interdependent, how can the mind be studied? Rene Decartes proposed that although they are distinct, the mind and body are connected and interact with each other. N Charles Darwin: evolutionary theory and natural selection. Organisms that have adaptive traits live long enough to pass those traits on to offspring, who in turn will continue to pass the traits on. N John Stew
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