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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Notes

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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 12 J Personality Personality refers to characteristics, emotional responses, thoughts and behaviours that are relatively stable over time and across circumstances Personality psychologists study the basic processes that influence the development of personality on many levels of analysis: influence of culture, learning, bio, and cog factorstry to understand whole persons Personality trait is a characteristic; a dispositional tendency to act in a certain way over time and across circumstances Gord}Loo}]L]]}L}Z}Lo]9^ZLK] }2L]]}L]Z]LZ]L]]o}Z}Z Z Z}ZZ] oZZKZZK]LZZ]Z Z ]Z] Z]}LZ}2Z[ Organization personality is not just a list of traits but a coherent whole Dynamic the organized whole is dynamic; it is goal seeking, sensitive to context and adaptive to environment Psychosocial systems personality also arises from basic biological processes Psychodynamic theory is the Freudian theory that unconscious forces such as wishes and motives influence behaviour Psychic forces at play are called instincts the energy that promotes pleasure seeking is called libido [[email protected]}}2Z] o,}o~}ZooZ} }LZ ]}ZLZZ8 1. Conscious level J ppl are aware of thoughts 2. Preconscious level J content not currently in awareness, but could be brought into awareness 3. Unconscious J wishes, desires and motives that are associated w conflict, anxiety; cannot be retrieved easily Psychosexual stages According to Freud, the developmental stages that correspond to the posit of satisfaction of libidinal urges 1. Oral Stage 2. Anal Stage 3. Phallic stage 4. Latency period 5. Genital Stage Oedipus Complex in boys, desire for an exclusive relationship wmother (of the opposite sex); rivalry with parent of same sex (father) Impact on Personality? Some ppl become fixated on a particular stage during which they have received excessive parental restriction or indulgence Eg. Fixation at oral stage leads to oral personality; ppl continue to seek pleasure via mouth i.e. smoking www.notesolution.com
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