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Chapter 9

PSY100 Chapter 9 - Motivation and Emotion
PSY100 Chapter 9 - Motivation and Emotion

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University of Toronto St. George
Ashley Waggoner Denton

Key Concepts How Does Motivation Activate, Direct, and Sustain Behaviour?  Multiple factors motivate behaviour  Some behaviours are motivated for their own sake  Critical Thinking Skill: Recognizing when psychological reactance may be influencing your thinking  People set goals to achieve  People have a need to belong What Determines How We Eat?  Time and taste play roles  Culture determines what we eat  Multiple neural processes control eating What Factors Motivate Sexual Behaviour?  Biological factors influence sexual behaviour  Cultural scripts and cultural rules shape sexual interactions  Mating strategies differ between the sexes  People differ in sexual orientation How Are Emotions Adaptive?  Facial expressions communicate emotion  Emotions serve cognitive functions  Critical Thinking Skill: Recognizing and correcting for belief persistence in your own thinking and in that of others  Emotions strengthen interpersonal relations Motivation: factors that energize, direct, or sustain behaviour. It focuses on what produces behaviour. There are four essential qualities of motivational states:  states are energizing - they activate or arouse behaviours  states are directive - they guide behaviours towards satisfying specific goals or needs  states help people persist - until goals are achieved  motives differ in strength - depending on internal and external factors Need: state of biological or social deficiency Need Hierarchy: Maslow's arrangement of needs, in which basic survival needs must be met before pe
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