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Chapter 5

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

10092013 Chapter 5 Z scores October 9, 2013 5:38 PM Last week Review  The mean - average - M = ƩX/n - µ = ƩX/N Standard deviation  Z scores/standard score  What do raw scores mean? What is the distribution of all scores? Typical distance of a score from the mean; provides more information so score can be meaningful  Making meaning out of raw scores; locating scores within distribution and turning it into z scores (knoing ho far away from the mean the score is); o +/- above and below the mean; # of exactly how many units away  Transform scores into standard deviation units  Sandard normal distribution is usually symmetrical ith the mean which is 0 and standard deviation units starting 1 o Total area under normal curve is equal to 1; distribution extends infinately ; mean is equal to median (50th percentile); larges unit should be +/- 3.00 Finding Z score: * *
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