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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Gillian Rowe

Chapter 5zScores Location of Scores and Standardized Distributions 51 Introduction to zScoresStatistical technique introduced that uses the mean and the standard deviation to transform each score Xvalue into a zscore or standard score in order to identify and describe exact location of every score in a distributions Another purpose for zscores is to standardize an entire distributionprocess of standardizing takes different distributions and makes them equivalent the advantage is that its possible to compare distributions even though they may have been quite different before standardization In summary the process of transforming X values into zscores serves 2 useful purposes 1 Each zscore tells the exact location of the original X value within the distribution 2 The zscores form a standardized distribution that can be directly compared to other distributions that also have been transformed into zscores52 zScores and Location in a DistributionZscorespecifies exact location of each X value within a distribution sign of the zscoreorsignifies whether score is above the meanor below the meannumerical value of the zscore specifies distance from the mean by counting number of standard deviations bw X and Ex a zscore of z100 corresponds to a position exactly 1
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