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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Gillian Rowe

Chapter 10 The t Test for Two Independent Samples 101 Introduction to IndependentMeasures DesignsTwo general research strategies that can be used to obtain the two set of data to be compared 1 The two sets of data could come from two completely separate samplesex study could involve a sample of men compared with a sample of women or one sample of students taught by method A and a second taught by method Bcalled an independentmeasures research design or a betweensubjects design 2 The two sets of data could both come from the same sampleex researcher could obtain one set of scores by measuring depression for a sample of patients before they begin therapy and then obtain a second set of data by measuring them after 6 weeks of therapycalled a repeatedmeasures research design or a withinsubjects design Independentmeasures research designbetweensubjects designresearch design that uses a separate sample for each treatment condition or for each population102 The t Statistic for an IndependentMeasures Research DesignNotationnumber of scores in first sample is identified by n second sample is n sample means will be identified by M and M sum of squares would be SS and SS The Hypotheses for an IndependentMeasures TestGoal is to evaluate the mean difference between two populations or between two treatment conditions difference between means is0 ORno difference between the population means NullH 0 AlternativeH0 ORthere is a mean difference1 The Formulas for an IndependentMeasures Hypothesis Test Original t stat formula chpt 9 singlesample t statistic new formula independentmeasures t tsample stathypothesized pop parameterestimated standard errorindependentmeasures t is a twosample t that doubles all the elements of the singlesample t formulasThe overall t formula y Singlesample t uses 1 sample mean to test a hypothesis about 1 pop mean sample and pop mean in the numerator which measures amount of difference between sample data and pop hypothesistsample meanpop meanestimated standard errorMsM y Independentmeasures t uses difference between 2 sample means to evaluate difference between 2 pop meanstsample mean differencepop mean differenceestimated standard errorMM sMMMM obtained from sample dataobtained from null hypothesis tsample mean differenceestimated standard error because null sets pop mean difference equal to zeronow compares actual mean difference numerator with the difference expected by chance denominator
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