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Chapter 2


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Michael Ohh

CHAPTER 2 3 DEFINITIONS Frequency Distribution an organized tabulation of the number of individuals located in each category on the scale of measurementShows if scores are generally high or low concentrated in one area or spread out allows you to see the location of any individual score relative to all othersCan be either a graph or at ableIn either case same 2 elements presented a Set of categories that make up the original measurement scale b A record of the frequency or number of individuals in each categoryWith ordinal interval or ratio scales are listed in order with a nominal scale it doesnt matter Proportion measures the fraction of the total group that is associated with each scoreAre often called relative frequencies because they describe the F in terms of N Grouped Frequency distribution table presents groups of scores rather than individual scoresthe groups or intervals are called class intervalsFREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION GRAPHS Basically a picture of the information contained in a frequency distribution tableGraphs for numerical scores measured on an interval or ratio scale a Histograms Width of the bar extends to the real limits b Polygon A dot above each score For a grouped distribution dot is above the midpoint between interval Graphs for nominal or ordinal data 9usually nonnumerical values a Bar graph Essentially same as histogram with spaces between bars 2 SPECIAL FEATURES OF GRAPSH FOR POPULATION DISTRIBUTIONSRelative Frequency although cannot find the absolute frequency for each score in a population can often obtain relative frequenciesSmooth Curves when population consists of numerical values from an interval or ratio scale
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