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Chapter 1

PSY201 Chapter 1 Statistics and Scientific Method

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Kristie Dukewich

Chapter 1 Statistics and Scientific Method - Descriptive statistics - Techniques that are used to describe or characterize the data - Inferential statistics - Techniques that use the obtained sample data to infer to populations - Involves probability and various inference tests (i.e., Student’s t test, analysis of variance) - Methods of Knowing - Authority - Something is considered true because of tradition or because some person of distinction says its true - Currently in disfavour - Does sometimes lead to error - Rationalism - Uses reasoning alone to arrive at knowledge - The reasoning process in yielding truth - There are situations where reason alone is inadequate to determining the truth - Intuition - The clarifying idea that springs into consciousness all at once as a whole - The idea often seems to occur after conscious reasoning has failed - Not arrived at by reason - Source of knowledge - Scientific Method - Uses reasoning and intuition to arrive at a hypothesis about some feature of reali
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