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Chapter 2

Textbook Notes for Chapter 2

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PSY220H1 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY CHAPTER 2 NOTES THE SELF IN A SOCIAL WORLD -social influence on self-presentation -social surroundings shape how we think about ourselves -eg. if youre a female in a group of males, you will be acutely aware of your gender -self-interest colours our judgments about others and ourselves -the source of a problem is someone else, the source of a good thing is you -looking good to others motivates our social behaviour -monitor others behaviour and expectations and adjust our behaviour according -the self consists of -self-esteem (i.e. sense of self-worth) -social self (i.e. group identity) -self-knowledge (i.e how I explain and predict myself) -self-concept (the answer to the q, Who am I?) Self-Concept -self-concepta persons answer to the question, Who Am I? -thinking is partly controlled and partly automatic -controlled processing explicit thinking, is deliberative, reflective and conscious -automatic processing implicit thinking, is effortless, habitual and without awareness -referred to as intuition -eg. schemas, emotional reactions, implicit memory, blindsight, processing of subliminal stimuli -people err in their intutions of themselves www.notesolution.com
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