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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Jason Plaks

Chapter 10Humans have a need to belongBeing ostracizedexcluded or ignoredactivates physical pain areas in the brain ie ostracism is a real pain4 Factors that Lead to Friendship and Attraction1ProximityInteractionIt is not geographical distance that matters but functional distancehow often peoples paths crossProximity explains why identical twins very rarely fall for each others partners bc they simply dont interact with them often enoughAnticipation of InteractionAlso boosts likingStudy When women were given ambiguous info about two other women one of whom they expected to talk with intimately the women preferred herAnticipatory likingincreases the chance of a rewarding relationshipMere ExposureThe tendency for novel stimuli to be liked more or rated more positively after the rater has been repeatedly exposed to themEg Liking the letters appearing in your name the Eiffel tower which was considered grotesque when it was first built but then people got used to it and started liking it the Mona Lisa Is it really so special or do we like it simply because it is so familiarMere exposure has an even stronger effect when people perceive it without awareness as when listening to a music tune while readingRead Focus On on page 378its short and fascinatingThe mere exposure effect has an enormous adaptive significancehelps categorize things and people into familiar and safe or unfamiliar and possibly dangerousNegative of mere exposure unconscious automatic prejudice against those who are different2Physical AttractivenessAttractiveness and datingMen report that they are more interested in the attractiveness of their partner than women However in an actual speed dating experiment both women and men were equallyinfluenced by their partners attractiveness ie Attractiveness was the only factor that predicted whether they would like to see their speed dating partner again and it was equally powerful for both sexesThe Matching phenomenonThe tendency for men and women to choose as partners those who are a good match in attractiveness and other traitsGood matchequal to themHowever it doesnt have to be an exact match and sometimes people can compensate for a lack of a certain quality eg beauty can be substituted with income This is called theAssetmatching processeg when an attractive young woman marries an older man of higher status The physicalattractiveness stereotypeAttractiveness does not spring entirely from sexual attractivenesseven infants prefer to look at attractive facesPhysical attractiveness stereotype what is beautiful is goodFirst impressions
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