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Jennifer Fortune

Chapter 1 Social psychology is the scientific study of how individuals’ thoughts, feelings,and behaviors are influenced by other people. With the following 4 key aspects 1) Influenced by others- how others influence us, this could happen even when there not present eg : you would be thinking how your mom would think of you if you did this. So long as your affected by people. 2) Thoughts, feeling and behavior- how people influence your thoughts, memory, why various actions towards others occur or not. 3) Individuals perspective- it is more important to know individual actors’ subjective perceptions of the situation than to know the setting’s objective features.for example to look at how a group responds to a leader you have to know how the group feels towards the leader. 4) Scientific study- its important to look at the scientific method. Other people affect how we intervene- we fail to intervene coz we rely on other people to interpret the event. Other people affect how we feel about ourselves- looking at whether your generous relies on comparing yourself to other people , are you better or worse? This is called social comparison. Other people affect how we behave – people can affect our actions and act different from when there alone. Deindividuation is a term that refers to how you may act differently in a group. Social psychology is not common sense- you think you know more than you do so you think its common sense. When you have two sayings whatever is similar to your situation wins and then you call it common sense when in fact that’s not true. Sometimes the absence of reward will help motivate you to do more work. Hindsight is not always golden – hindsight: tendency to think a known outcome was obvious. Being an informed citizen- If we really want to develop an informed and reasoned approach to dealing with social problems, we need to understand why people behave the way they do and the likely effectiveness of different solutions. Social psychology applies to everyday life and teaches you about yourself. Social psychology connect to other areas in psychology like 1) Personality: personality is the study of dispositions and how individuals differ, its useful to know how individuals differ when examining a situation. 2) Developmental: studie
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