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Chapter 6

PSY220 Chapter 6-attitudes

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Jennifer Fortune

[email protected] @@@@D - ID n [email protected] @@@D [email protected] !fnffn&((!f*&(f+!&,&&f.fn*& fff!fff&(,&f f (,&!&,&*&,(f.1*f..f 2!!ff&n(.ff&&&*f&* f&(,f.2f+!f*ff,&n,f!& 4 f&n.(,&,.&3*f.(n*&f.&(.(!f*&(f,n &&&(fnf!f*ff&(,2f, r n&f.+n!n(n fnfnff @9f 2!!f&,&*&,(f.*f.(fff&&*.+3f&*.+2&..,, 4 fn!2!nf5! f&*f,(nf&*.&f,&(f*(f.f&(, 4 n&&!1f(!n f&*f.&*,!f*f&*n!ffn&&n(f*(f.f&(, 64 f!f*&( !1*&(fn&2f,!n fff&*!f*&(f,&.&5, fff f ff!f*&(&.(nn(f&(,f,n(f&(, &.(n((!f*&( 4 .ffn!!&!+.&5f,f*&,!&!+,1.&5 f,,f&f&(,2f,nff,,.+.1.&2f,!f 2!ff&(,2f,f,,.+.152.,f,.& &*f.&(,*f.(f&f8f&(,4!fnf&n.&n&.8!&&*f, f&*4 4 5+&.&nf&f&*f.n&!n&n+!f*&(((f..+!f*&(&*f&f. 4 nf.f,,&!f*&(*&nf(&!!&&*f&*.f(! ff+n&,fff&n(.f&2!&n!*.&,&f2&..,&*!f*&( r .2f&*f.n8f..&&*f..f&*42&..,(n*f&f. nIn 9.&n&&(,*f.(f&!f.nfnn&(.+ 4 .f,&n.+f2f!&.&53,&.&5 4 f 9.&n&f&(,.n:!&!.*.89&*n&4*f.(f&!fff, .&f(!nf,&f( .&n&&(,f(f&n*f.(f&ff2!&n!f+nn(2&!(f2f 4 f(&,&f,f,ff!fnfnn&(.+n.., 4 .n!2!&,&*&,(f.*f.(f!fff(nn&(.*.8&&.ff(f&nn4 4 f &.&n&f&(,.n:.2.*.8&&f.n&4fn&f&2nf, *f.(f& nf nnf (f(f(f&nffff...( nn&(*f.(f&!f 9n fff !" (,!&fn(n(.1n&!1f&(, f&&OfIff,@f f-f nf! n&.1f&(,,(&,,+n&,f&!92!&n!!!f .&f.n*f&*f,f,&&f.&*f&* 4 ,&&f(,ff.&n&!1f&(,&f+,&,f& JJ [email protected] [email protected] @@@@D - ID n n 4nf&f.f(n&f&(,&2!&n!f&(,*&,f&,*f.(f&*(,f fn&.&f&ffn!f*&,fn 4 !(f&=(&n5f!&&*f&*&.&nf&n!f!+ n(&!*& 4 f&n(n&f&(,f,!&n&f.f2!+!(f!f**.*,f&(, 4 f.nff&f.nf*,+&.fn&*!f,.+n.9 n&& If .&f,f&(,9!&(,.+&*f.( If.(f,ffnf,f,f.!f.n&,&f(&,&&n&.&!&.& 4 9,=(f.&+f,!f& mf(f )f.1*f.(f.f,!&f&(,2f,n&&n&( 4 f&(,nf*fnn!!.,+.&>&(f,n& f&n(.f.&&*f.(( 4If.(9&(n& f(n&f&(,&2!&n!f&(,n(&nf&,&*&,(f.1&,&+f, *f.( 4 f nf fnnf f n MMM,nffff ff,nfff ff f f f- fMMM @n ,fn,(n,*f.(,&&2!&n!f&n&f2&,(n,f&(,!f*,&!n ffffn 4 (,&n&,!f(&!f!&*f&(,.+&nff&f.,&! (,.+&*f.(9&*f&(, M)f.&*,!ff&(,2f,ff&n(.fnf+(.&..!f(n&f.*+ 4 (,&,f f nf f f 4 !f&(,+&nf..+(.&..fnff&f.(n&f,!!f*f.( 9&*(n& 4 !"f&(,2f,n+&nf..+(.&..fnfffn . fn&(,2f,( f nf nfffnff nfnf f. ff @D'() 4 f&n&ff5,2&,2!(!3f&(,2f,n( 4 (.2n&2&!!f*&1,&n& r f&n&f,n&,fnff&f.f&(,8!&f&(,2,n4!+2.&5.+ &&&*f&*f(!n r f&n&f,n&,f*f.(9&*f&(,8!&f&(,2,(4!+2 .&5.+&!&*f.(!&&,&+f,2!f!nn(&nf,! @D'(* 4 ,&.&nf&f&(,(n&!n&*(f&*ff, 4 !n&*f+2(.,n(!&&*f(!nf,! 2f,&2&..& r n(,&f.&&!(2&..f5! 4 f,4n(,2f,*&,,+,(n4n(,!2!,(nnf,ff&n(.f &f&!1&,[email protected] @@@@D - ID n 4 nf,n(&2f,f,&!f,&,!nf,n(& &f r (f,n(&&ff,&!f,&,!f,n(& 2f, 4 f+n +!+n+n!f r nffff f ff f , [email protected]@@D *f.&,&+f,.&f&.&+f&f&f(&f&(, ,,f f&n&f&,&nf!&9.&n&f&(,+f2&f=(&f& 4 &[email protected]+nf. O ff&(,f(n!&=(!f=(&,&,&nf!9!& f3,&f2&!*f.ff&( O &.f((f..+ f f n ff O fn!n(n&f&5+nf.n,(nff.+(!ff..!&f*f.&, .n&!ff&(, 4 f&n&&f.nf. O ff&(,f(n!&=(!f=(&,fff*f.*f.(f&* ,&&8(n!f,f,f,f*(f.(f*(f.4 O f f+fn!n(nf,f&!2f,,fn. & f*f.(f&*+,&n.+nf(f&n&ff!f&(,n,&& !ff9.&n&.+*f.(f&* 4 &
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