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Dan Dolderman

PSY 220 CH1An Invitation to Social PsychologyUncivil protests against coloured Americans changed the views of most white men and women almost overnight Now they wanted equalityCharacterizing Social PsychologySocial psychology The scientific study of the feelings thoughts and behaviours of individuals in social situationsExplaining BehaviourConditions in the American prisons in Baghdad led to people believing that the guards and workers were simply bad applesYears before Zimbardo had his prison study that suggested that the people are not bad apples but they are governed by the power of the situation Study lasted 6 days instead of 2 weeks because of how bad the guards got with prisonersSocial psychology can be used in a variety of disciplines as well as real lifeComparing Social Psychology with Related DisciplinesPersonality psych stresses individual differences in behaviour rather than the social situationCognitive science is the study of how people perceive think about and remember aspects of the worldSociology is the study of behaviour of people in the aggregateThe Power of the SituationArendt argues that any one person is capable of being caught up in the situation Like Adolf Eichmann behind the plan to get rid of Jews When interviewed he was not psychopathic sadistic or demented but actually just another boring personKurt Lewin founder of modern psych was physicist then psychologist Applied principles from physics A person particle is subject to their own characteristics particles can beoras well as the environment forces like gravity acting on particleThe Milgram ExperimentStanley Milgram took random persons and had them shock another person when he failed to answer a question correctly slowly upping the voltage as they went From the shockers POV they could have just as easily have been the person being shocked The person being shocked has a heart condition that is known to the shocker A lot of people continued to the end of the experiment protesting along the way but still continuing when told by the researcher even after hearing screams of pain as well as no response from the person being shockedSeminarians as SamaritansStudents told to give seminar on being a Good Samaritan Half were told to hurry as they were late other half could take their time getting there Along the way a man clearly in agony was waiting those in a rush often did not stop but those who were not in a rush did Experiment by John Darley and Daniel BatsonThe Fundamental Attribution ErrorPeople underestimate how much external factors affect their decisions
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