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Chapter 7

Ch. 7 Attitude Change

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Jennifer Fortune

Chapter 7 Attitude ChangeRationalizing our own behaviour cognitive dissonance theoryFeeling bad about irrational behaviour the arousal of dissonanceCognitive dissonance theory a model prosed by Leon Festinger which states that awareness of consonant cognations makes us feel good whereas awareness of dissonant cognitions makes us feel bad Furthermore the unpleasant feelings produced by dissonant cognitions motivates us to do something to change our state The state of feeling bad or conflicted about ones own irrational behaviourConsonant cognitions beliefs that are consistent or compatible with one antherThe 2 cognitions I brush my teeth and Brushing teeth prevents cavities support one anotherImply that the other is good or validBeing aware of these makes us feel goodDissonant cognitions beliefs that are inconsistent or logically discrepant with one anotherI smokeSmoking causes cancer are logicallt discrepant Inconsisntent with one another implies that the other Is worng orbadBeing aware of these makes us feel badthese bad feelings motives ppl to do someitg to change their stateCognition a belief or piece of knowledgeFestinger focused on inconsistences that involved cogntions about ones own behaviourDisonce between knowing that you behaved in a certain way I smoke I hurt lilys feelings and another piece of congiton implyin that your behaviour was wronginapproaite smoking causes cancer I like lily He proposed the the importance of the cognitions infleunces the amount of dissonanceDissonance between very imp cognitions causes more intese negative feelings than does dissonance between less imp cogntions ex spending 1000 on a useless workship will arouse more dissonance than spending
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