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Jennifer Fortune

CHAPTER 6 ATTITUDES AND SOCIAL BEHAVIOURWhat Are Attitudes Attitudes Evaluation of Targets attitude is an individuals evaluation of a targeta goodbad judgment an overall assessment of whether a particular target is positive or negativemust always be directed at something ideologiesvalues controversial issues individual people groups objects behavioursThree Parts of Attitudesaffective or emotional reactioncognition the persons beliefs about the objectpast behaviour towards objectrelationship between attitudes and behaviourprevious behaviour contributes to current attitudecurrent attitudes also causes future behaviourambivalent attitudes are a mix of positive and negative feelings and beliefstype of element that is dominant will drive behaviourExplicit Versus Implicit Attitudeexplicit attitudes are those people can report consciouslyimplicit attitude is an automatic evaluative response to a target which can occur without awarenessreflect lowlevel minimal processing associations between objects and evaluationstypically conform to explicit attitudesinconsistencies between implicit and explicit attitudes can occurPerceptions of Others Attitudescommon structure to peoples perceptions of others attitudesliberal vs conservativetraditional vs novel radicalextend to which the others are liberal or conservative and traditional or innovativeWhy Do We EvaluateAssessing Objectsattitudes provide rapid evaluations of objects people and issuesobjectappraisal functiongive individual a quick assessment of whether targets are likely to be harmful or helpfulmost basic function of attitudes probably why humans have evolved to form attitudes
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