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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Jennifer Fortune

Chapter 1 Introducing Social Psychology WHAT IS SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY The Science of Social BehaviourSocial psychologyscientific study of how individuals thoughts feelings and behaviours are influenced by other peopleInfluenced by Other PeopleSomeone being affected in any way by other people including their imagined presence or actions makes it relevant to social psychology people can influence us without being presentThoughts Feeling and BehavioursInterested in how others affect our thoughts cognitions feelings affect and behavioursUltimate goal understand why various kinds of actions toward other people occurdont occur such as conformity aggression helping and discriminationIndividuals PerspectiveTake perspective of individuals in a social setting rather than focusing on only objective features of the situationlook at the world through the actors eyesTo understand many social events its more important to know individual actors subjective perceptions of the situation than to know the settings objective features Social constructshow individuals personally interpret or perceive a social situationfocus on this to understand behaviourWhen studying group processes social psychologists look at the perspective of individual members of the groupfocus on an individuals thoughtsfeelings about the leader group actions made up of many actions by individuals Scientific StudyRely on direct tests of their ideasscientific evidence necessary before a proposal is taken seriously not enough to speculate about an event and generate plausible explanationsKey Element of Social Psych Applied to Romantic Dating Influenced by other people The dating individuals are influenced by one another st Thoughts feelings and Look at persons thoughts about the other ex 1impressions feelings behaviours toward the other ex emotional passion toward the other and behaviours toward the other ex calls dates gifts Individuals perspective Focus on each persons perceptions of the other rather than on what the individuals are really like critical factor is what each person believes about the otherScientific study Conduct experiments to lean about processes underlying interpersonal attraction and love
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