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University of Toronto St. George
Heather V.Fritzley

PSY220 – Fritzley; CHAPTER 1: What is social psychology? Study of the nature and causes of behaviour and thoughts of an individual in social situations Key features of social psych: - scientific - focused on behaviour and thought of individuals - foused on causes of behaviour Why is social psych a science and not just common sense? There are certain problems with common sense, in that it’s not always clear e.g. Hindsight bias: we say things are common sense often when they have passed. We overestimate how well we would have predicted a known outcome e.g. Planning fallacy: projects tend to take longer than the time we set for them. Social psych is imp b/c we are prone to errors and we rely on the scientific method. Core values of science: - Accuracy - Objectivity - Skepticism: e.g. pregnancy news is often not shared with other ppl until it’s absolutely certain - Open-mindedness: willingness to change your mind Implicit processes: They are unconscious processes that happen without our knowledge. For example, you might indulge in a stereotype or a racist remark without intention even you are not a racist; or often times we meet ppl that we just don’t like! This is another reason why we can’t rely on common sense Social psychology and culture: Multicultural perspective is imp in social psych e.g. people recognize faces of ppl belonging to th
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