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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 textbook notes

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Jennifer Fortune

Chapter 9: Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination Prejudice is an attitude, discrimination is a behaviour Stereotype an individuals beliefs that members of a group share particular attributes Prejudice and Discrimination Old-fashioned, blatant racial discrimination has been replaced by more subtle and ambiguous discrimination o Aversive racism people that dont consider themselves as prejudice and who try to find any accusation of being prejudiced aversive When the applicants qualifications were weak, participants recommended the white applicant more often than the Black applicant, the effect in 1999 (77% vs 40%) was just as strong as the effect in 1989 (75% vs 50%) o To assessracial attitude you could use: IAT (implicit association test) or facial EMG. Stereotypes: cognitive sources of prejudice and discrimination Stereotypes guide attention It was found that if the defendant had a Hispanic name evidence for him being guilty is judged in more detail than if it was a white persons name Ramirez Vs Johnson Essentially the minority group is judged more harshly than a member of the majority group, based on exactly the same information Stereotypes guide interpretation It was found that participants were faster to judge correctly that black targets were armed than white targets It was found that participants were slower to judge correctly that black targets were unarmed than white targets Errors for killing unarmed blacks is higher than whites www.notesolution.com
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