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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Fortune

PSY220H1: Chapter 8 1. DEFINING CONFORMITY, COMPLIANCE, AND OBEDIENCE -Conformity: any change behaviourcaused by another person or group -Compliance: refers to a change in behaviourrequestedby another person or group -Obedience: a change in behaviour thorderedby another person or group -Conformity encompasses compliance and obedience because it refers to any behavior that occurs as a result of others influenceno matter what the nature of that influence -Why does conformitydoing as others do without any requestoccur? When you find yourself in a newunusual situationlook to others in deciding what to do ( they may have more experience) 1.1 Why Do We Conform? -Two reasons: Informational influence: influence from other people that is motivated by a desire to be correct and to obtain accurate information o Other people more knowledgeable: young drivers alter their behavior to conform to the suggestions of their driving instructor Normative influence: influence from other people that is motivated by a desire to gain rewards or avoid punishment o Might not think others judgments behaviours are correct but want to be likedavoid conflict (i.e. obey laws to avoid being punisheddriving @ speed limit) -Informational and normative influence can occur simultaneously: Automobile mechanic at Canadian Tire store might ask for advice from the supervisor because supervisor is an expert (informational) and bc the mechanic hopes to be rewarded for showing such respect (normative) 2. CONFORMITY: DOING AS OTHERS DO 2.1 Sherifs Autokinetic Effect Studies -Muzafer Sherif: research on conformity as addressing the development of social norms -Social norm: a rule or guideline in a group or culture about what behaviours are proper and improper Reward=being acceptedapproval vs. punishment=social rejectiondisapproval www.notesolution.com
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