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Chapter 2

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Maja Djikic

The Psychoanalytic Approach Sigmund FreudBorn in 1856 Freiburg MoraviaMother was 21 loving and protectiveFather was 41 stern and authoritarianConscientiousEmphasized the importance of unconscious forcesFounder of psychoanalysisNeurosis an emotional disturbance but not severe enough to stop the person from functioning normally in societyBreuer and Freud worked together on the talking cureCarl Jung and Alfred Adler were closely related to FreudDied in London 1939 at age 83 from cancer in the jawThe Discovery of Unconscious ForcesPsychoanalysis was said to have begun with the case of Anna O Breuers patientShe had symptoms such as the paralysis of the right arm and leg difficulty in vision nausea inability to drink liquids and speak or understand her mother tongueHysteria an illness with physical symptoms but no physiological basis for the problem now known as Conversion DisorderTalking cure was referred as Chimney SweepingAnna O or Bertha Pappenheim became one of the first social workers Catharsis emotional releasePatient was unconscious of memories but the same memories were influencing behaviourWhen patients wanted to remember some events but there was some force within them preventing this from happening is called resistanceFreud discovered Resistance by abandoning Hypnosis
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