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Maja Djikic

Analytical PsychologyCarl JungCarl Gustav JungFather who was conventional and kind but weakGood mother who possessed 2 personalities kind and loving harsh and aloofMaturity for Jung is defined In terms of integration or balance within the selfWorked with Eugen Bleuler well known psychiatrist who coined the word schizophreniaRejected Freuds emphasis on sexuality sexuality itself must be seen as symbolicAnalytical Psychology was his own school of thoughtDied at the age of 85Nature and Structure of PersonalityJung perceived personality as a complex network of interacting systems that strive toward eventual harmonyMain systemsoEgo the personal unconscious with its complexesoCollective unconscious and its archetypes2 primary attitude and 4 basic functions which together constitute separate but related aspects of the psyche total personalityPsyche refers to all psychological processes thoughts feelings and sensationsPsyche mindPsychic mentalPsychic EnergyLibido is psychic energy Libido is an appetite that may refer to sexuality and to other hungers as wellPsychic energy operates under the principles of equivalence and entropy seeks a balance and moves the person forward in a process of selfrealization
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