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Maja Djikic

Interpsychic TheoriesIntrapsychic within the psyche Interpsychic interpersonal relationsAlfred Adler chose the term individual psychology for his conception of personality because he was interested in investigating the uniqueness of the personAccording to Adler we are motivated by social interest and our primary life problems are social onesAlfred Adlernd2 of 6 childrenChildhood was difficult and unhappyHe was clumsy and awkwardThe human person emerged as a social and cultural creature rather a sexual oneEmphasis on culture and societyDriven by certain innate instincts drives or needs such as the impulses to maintain life and to reproduceHuman beings deny or disobey their natural instincts because of their social relationsSocial Interests refers to that urge in human nature to adapt onself to the conditions of the social environmentFinalismThe movement of all living things is governed by goalsIf we know a persons goals we begin to understand in a general way the individuals behaviourAdler agreed with Jung that teleology is necessary to fully understand personalityFinalism the goal that the individual pursues in the decisive factor in personalityWe cannot know whether or not our goals are true or false because there is no way to scientifically test themFictions are an individual or groups interpretations of the events of the world
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