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Martha Mc Kay

Chapter 8 Somatoform & Dissociative Disorders Long history within psychology Case of Anna O launched psychoanalysis as a form of psychotherapy Consider these disorders as an extreme form of escape Surrounded by controversy A group of disorders in which people experience signicant physical symptoms for which there is no apparent organic (originates in the physiology) cause. Individuals truly experience the symptoms, which do not go away until the psychological issues are resolved. Distinction: - Somatoform disorders are not the same as the psychosomatic disorders, which are medical disorders in which people have actual physical illness or defect, e.g high blood pressure, which can be documented and worsened by psychological factors, e.g stress Somatoform and Pain Disorders Subjective experience of many physical symptoms, with no organic causes Psychosomatic Disorders Actual physical illness present and psychological factors seem to be contributing to the illness, e.g. high blood pressure Malingering Deliberate faking of physical symptoms to avoid an unpleasant situation, such as military duty Factitious Disorder Deliberate faking of physical illness to gain medical attention Deliberate faking or even creation of physical Factitious Disorder by Proxy illness in ones child to gain attention for oneself - authorities must be careful accusing a parent of causing harm to hisher child because of great repercussions of falsely accusing parents, e.g ruining: careers, family. Parents must be very adept at hiding what they are doing to their children, especially when they have a medical background www.notesolution.com
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